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Founded in late 2017 by a small team of professional software developers and veterans in the cryptocurrency space, Mercuriex was developed to provide a fast, secure and streamlined user experience.

We were frustrated by the bureaucracy, slow support, long verification times, oversaturated listings, and monetization of customer information from other exchanges. Furthermore, we wanted to create an exchange that was crypto first, but still allowed users with a fiat on/offramp, which we do provide through TrueUSD.

SurfTheWeb Ltd purchased Mercuriex at the end of 2019.

Through the creation and sale of SurfExUtilityToken [SURF], our very own exchange token, we are raising capital to expand the exchanges operations globally. The first steps towards expansion come in the form of user compliances, exchange licensing and regulatory registration.

We feel that the most substantial obstacles to the mass–adoption of cryptocurrency is that users find it “hard” to buy crypto with their FIAT. By meeting our compliance requirements, we will be able to offer our users FIAT Gateways, simplifying the entire process and allowing our users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with FIAT. Having an accessible and easy to use Fiat / Cryptocurrency service will give MercuriEx an edge over the majority of small and medium exchange who do not have this facility in place. Automated trading bots play an important role while it comes to cryptocurrency trading. The Bitcoin loophole is one such auto trading platform. It enables users to exchange cryptocurrency without requiring their active participation. In addition, the bitcoin loophole erfahrungen guide discusses the trading experiences of its consumers.


A SurftheWeb Ltd Company
SurfExUtilityToken [SURF]
SurfExUtilityToken [SURF] is the official token of Mercuriex Cryptocurrency Exchange.
SURF is a utility token that traders on the Mercuriex platform can use to obtain discounted trade-fees when making trades.
SURF token can be traded on Mercuriex with BTC and TUSD pairs.
SURF will be used to pay for fees on the exchange at a discounted rate and for other services offered by the SurfTheWeb company, including but not limited to:

Exchange Trading Fees,
Withdrawal Fees,
Listing Fees,
Users can get up to 50% discount on trade fees if using SURF.

  • Name:
    SurfExUtilityToken [SURF]
  • Blockchain:
  • Total Supply:
    250,000,000 SURF
Note: 100,000,000 SURF to be burned in 2021, reducing total supply to 150,000,000 before the end of 2021.
Token Distribution
& Fund Allocation

Our Exchange Utility Token (E.U.T) is called SurfExUtilityToken, with the short name or ticker “SURF”. Surf is built on the Ethereum Blockchain and is an ERC-20 Compliant token and can be stored in the Mercuriex exchange or in any compatible ERC-20 Token Wallet.

  • Sales & IEO - 20%
  • Public Distribution - 30%
  • Exchange Team - 10%
  • Reserve - 40%


Mercuriex Created

2019 (Q4)

Mercuriex Purchased by SurfTheWeb Ltd


Rebranding of Mercuriex to SurfEx

2020 (Q1 - Onwards)

Exchange and SURF Marketing & Community Growth

2020 (Q1 - Q2)

SurfExUtilityToken [SURF] Creation and IEO at Latoken

2020 (Q1 - Onwards)

Form Partnerships within the Industry
Our Executive Team

Mercuriex Cryptocurrency Exchange is owned and run by SurfTheWeb Ltd, a UK-based company. The company is headed up by President Dr. Robert Parry and Vice President , Mr. David Board.

The company currently employs a small close-knit and highly trusted team of developers and web-specialist who maintain the security and update the exchange on a regular basis.

As the company expands we will look to hire more marketing specialists and blockchain engineers, as well as support staff to ensure as we grow our users are not left behind.

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