TBC2 Coin Listed at Mercuriex

TBC2 Coin

We have listed TBC2 Coin on the Mercuriex Exchange TUSD and STHC markets.


About TBC2 Coin

TBC2 Coin was initially created in September 2017 and through word of mouth has been distributed to over 1500 individual members and groups. We have agreed to limit the sell-button on the TUSD and STHC markets to allow the TBC2 Coin developers to finalise their distribution of approx 350mm TBC2 Coins.


TBC2 is an ERC20 Token on the Ethereum Network.

Contract Address: 0xFACCD5Fc83c3E4C3c1AC1EF35D15adf06bCF209C


About the Listing

After these coins are distributed we will remove all restrictions on the markets and will also be adding a BTC market pair for TBC2 Coin.


Current market pairs are TBC2/TUSD and TBC2/STHC


A bit more about TBC2 Coin

For more information about TBC2 Coin, you can visit their website www.TBC2Coin.com where you can find a plethora of content, from newsletters, whitepapers, road-maps, videos and even links to a documentary they sponsored that was produced for Amazon Prime!


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